Daily Dev Oct. 24

Hello Everybody,

Moros1138 here with another Daily Dev. The latest release of the Profile Builder on Cammodel Express was a bumpy, yet successful, deployment. Everything seems to be stable over there so I’ve decided it’s time to turn my attention back to the beta. Particularly, the Section editors. Right now the workflow is a bit clunky and there are ugly scrollbars and some of the settings that should be easy to reach, now require a bit of looking around for them.

I went to photoshop and mocked up a new layout that I think will help streamline the experience. A departure from my previous top-middle-bottom layout, I decided to go with a vertical accordion.


In my proposed layout, when you click to edit a section, you will be presented with the section settings. Things like:

  • Section Name
  • Section Heading Alignment
  • Section Shortcut
  • Active Section
  • Show Heading
  • Style selectors (if applicable)
  • and any other setting specific to that section

For basic sections, the Section Style Preivew and Manage Items will be omitted and an “Open Visual Editor” button will appear. When clicked, the entire section editor pane will become the visual editor.


The section style previewer is, much like it was previously, a preview of what the selected style will look like with a bunch of dummy default items in place. In this layout, the preview is much larger.


Managing items will be very much the same, except that it’s contained inside the accordion instead of occupying the entire right frame.

That’s all I have for today! I’d love to hear what you think about my proposed changes. I invite you to leave a comment below, or talk to me on twitter @CMExpressBeta


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