Daily Dev Oct. 3, 2017

Hello Everybody,

A lot has been happening and not a lot of talk about it. This is partially my fault but mostly it’s because I’ve had a lot of frantic lifestyle situations arise lately. It’s demanded an inordinate amount of my time and I chose to focus the precious time I could spend developing the Profile Builder actually developing it, which put side projects like this blog on the back burner.

Rest assured, development of the Profile Builder is going strong. We’ve just tested and released the new Halloween Theme and we have a lot of tweaks coming up soon.

Currently, I’m re-working the way we collect fonts from Google Fonts. The goal is to make it easier to add fonts to the Profile Builder. Originally, we used the CSS straight from the Google Fonts API. Unfortuantely, there were several cross-browser compatibility issues. Google detects the user’s browser and generates CSS specific to the way that browser best uses web fonts. After many many hours of research, I discovered that I would need to have several versions of the font files and a very specific manner in which the fonts were loaded with CSS in order for the web fonts to load and display reliable in all of the popular modern browsers. Since then, things have changed in the popular modern browsers, particularly in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, which makes it possible to use the CSS straight from the Google Fonts API, reliably.

That’s all I have for today! If you have any ideas for new features, or feedback about current features. I’m all ears. Leave a comment, or talk to me on twitter @CMExpressBeta


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