Fido’s Inquiry Feb. 2

Hello Testers,

It’s that time again. This time I’m giving you a video as well as the text. This video is intended to be the release video we post on the main site, but I thought it may be helpful for you to see it!

The following things need to be tested. (Explanations follow the test list.)

  • Navbar (New Default items)
  • Navbar (Autocomplete tweak)
  • Section Editor Tabs
  • Social Networking (Delivery Code)
  • Social Networking (NiteFlirt)
  • Social Networking (iWantClips)

Explaining the things

Previously, the default menu items didn’t saved. This is because, by default, the items are empty. Default items now have the label “Example” and the URL “#”. This should force new items to be saved, even if they’re not changed.  To test this, simply click the add link button and see that a new menu item appears in the preview pane.

Because the default URL is “#”, I tweaked the autocomplete for the Section Shortcuts on the URL text box. The autocomplete now triggers a search when you click on it. To test this, simply click on any of the URL text boxes to see if the autocomplete appears. (Please note: Section shortcuts are required, or this features will not work!)

In the Section editors for all section types, except Social Networking, the interface has been tweaked. Previously the settings for each section was crammed into a small top container, and it had a scrollbar. There were settings in there that only the adventurous users even knew existed! I have organized the section editors into tabs. All of the section settings are now in a tab called “Section Settings”. Depending on the section type you’re editing there will be other tabs, for instance, in basic sections you’ll see a tab called “Editor” which contains the visual editor you use to edit the content. In the case of FAQs, Tip Menus, and Video Showcases you’ll see a tab called “Section Style” which allows you to preview and choose the style of the section.

Managing items of the FAQs, Tip Menus, and Video Showcases works exactly as they have previously.

To test this, basically go through it and make sure everything works as you’d expect it to.

I fixed a bug which prevented the Delivery Code icon from appearing in the Social Networking section, to test this set a URL in the Delivery Code option and see that it renders in the preview when saved.

I have added NiteFlirt and iWantClips to the Social Networking section. To test this set a URL in the NiteFlirt and iWantClips options and see that they render in the preview when saved.

That’s it! If you run into any bugs, report it on our bug tracker.

If you have any ideas for new features, or feedback about current features. I’m all ears. Leave a comment, or talk to me on twitter @CMExpressBeta


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