Fido’s Inquiry June 19

Hello Testers,

It’s that time again and this time do we have a whole lot of things to test!

The following things need to be tested (Explanations follow the test list.)

  • Profile Size Bar
  • Profile Size Notifications
  • Double Click Activate/Deactivate in FAQ, Tip Menu, and Showcase item managers
  • New Toggle control (Replacement for checkboxes)
  • Grouped settings in Profile Settings
  • Premade Presets in all themes.

The Profile Size Bar at the top serves as a gauge of how much space you have left on your profile before MFC starts filtering out characters which causes display problems and in rare cases outright breaks our profiles. The Profile Size Bar should update with the amount of content you add to the profile. Which means whenever you add a new section, add new content to each section, activate sections/items, deactivate sections/items, or remove sections/items that the bar should update to reflect those changes as the changes are saved. Testing this will involve adding and removing content in the ways I just described to make sure that the changes are being represented as they are made.

I’ve added the double click activate/deactivate feature, similar to the section double click, to the FAQ, Tip Menu, and Showcase Item Managers. This should be easy to test, double click them to see if the item turns red in the list. Also, the item should disappear in the preview.

I’ve replaced all checkbox controls with a more modern looking control I’m calling the Toggle. You don’t have to test every single toggle in the profile builder, just a small handful of them just to make sure they work.

In the Profile Settings page, I’ve grouped each section of settings and tied them to separate buttons. It function similar to tabbed navigation and it’s our hope that it will make it easier to navigate the settings. To test it, click the buttons to see that the tab is update with the appropriate settings and also make sure that you can still change the settings.

Last, but certainly not least, I’ve added Premade presets to all of the themes. 10 presets for the default theme, and 2 presets for each of the remaining themes. If you’re like me, there are times when I am creatively bankrupt. However, if you give me something to start from, my imagination runs wild and it usually leads to something really cool (I hope). It’s with this thought in mind that presets became a thing. Special thanks to Lacey for actually making the presets themselves. Presets are selected from a dropdown menu, once you select the option it will immediately apply the colors, fonts, and graphics of that preset to your current theme settings instantly transforming the look of your profile. To test this, basically go through each one and make sure they work for all themes.

That’s it! If you run into any bugs, report it on our bug tracker.

If you have any ideas for new features, or feedback about current features. I’m all ears. Leave a comment, or talk to me on twitter @CMExpressBeta

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